Financial Services for the Networked Economy

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Vester is the banking platform for the networked economy. We enable financial institutions to participate in marketplace lending, P2P finance, and crowdlending.

Mobile first experience. Omnichannel ready
Gartner predicts that 82% of mobile phones worldwide will be smartphones in 2016. The customer journey is omnichannel, but the smartphone takes centre stage.
Digitally native. Built from the cloud up.
Most banks struggle with a basement full of legacy IT. The Vester Platform is lightweight, digital and deployed in the cloud. No legacy. No problem.
Unpresedented time-to-market.
For most Financial Institutions, new product launches are years, if not decades apart. With Vester, most new products are two products, and your marketing operations are the limiting factor on time-to-market.
A partnership that suits you.
Fully customisable, from BPO and White Label, to fully integrated custom deployment. From "let us do all the work", to "let´s really work together".
Instant Customer Approval & Straight Through Processing
Gain an unique customer acquisition advantage by approving new applicants in seconds, not weeks. Straight Through Processing supported by Bank Grade Digital Signatures.
Advanced analytics and machine learning.
Predictive sales is our point of departure. We do recommendations on the fly with real time machine learning. Your boffins get all the analytics they can stomach.

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